Notes from Eremocene

Documentary / Sci-Fi, 2023, 78 min.
Original title Poznámky z Eremocénu

Script/Director Viera Čákanyová
Dramaturgist Klára Tasovská
Cinematography Viera Čákanyová
Editing Viera Čákanyová
Assistant editor Alexandra Gojdičová
Sound design/mix Marek Buranovský
Color grading Dominik Jursa

Producer Matej Sotník, guča films (SK)
Executive producer Dorota Zacharová – Guča films (SK)

Co-producer, Sales Nina Numankadić – Marina films (CZ)

Co-producer Tatiana Vallová – Radio and Television of Slovakia RTVS (SK)

Commissioning editor (RTVS) Ondrej Starinský (SK)
Executive producer (RTVS) Roman Genský (SK)

Distribution Film Expanded (SK), DAFilms (international VOD)


Taking place in a future that does not yet exist, NOTES FROM EREMOCENE questions the ideal techno-optimistic model that lies ahead of us. From a curious, playful and critical standpoint, filmmaker Viera Čákanyová explores the potential of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in dealing with complex global problems we humans create – climate change and the crisis of representative democracy. Combining diaristic film footage with 3D scanner images, Čákanyová poetically and forcefully stresses the inherent tension between the analogue and digital future of mankind.


A hands-on and deeply personal work, NOTES FROM EREMOCENE is an audiovisual postcard dispatched by filmmaker Viera Čákanyová into an ambivalent world to come. Drawing upon a fictional conversation with her future virtual clone, the film offers a window into a world in which the technological solutions mankind has devised for sustaining its existence have major and unexpected downsides.

Festival and awards

73th. Berlinale / Forum / World premiere (2023)

With financial support

Slovak Audiovisual Fund Bratislavský kraj