Documentary, in development
Original title Řasa

Script/Director Martin Mareček
Script editor Alexander Kascheev
Cinematography Martin Mareček

Producer Nina Numankadić – Marina Films (CZ)
Co-producer Peter Kerekes (SK)


Eyelash (Řasa) is a tribute to the creative imagination, an introspective discussion on documentary methods, and a polemical contribution about the technological setup of our society.

The director, Martin Mareček, intends to primarily use the footage that he has filmed over the last twelve years on his mobile phone. These are observations of his immediate surroundings, scenes from urban life and the life of urban insects. There are moments of minor miracles, insights, and unexpected encounters: a nun skiing on a patch of artificial snow, a beetle rolling a dung ball, an elderly person playing golf on a city meadow, a tram sparking, a bizarre promotional event in front of a supermarket, a kite flying on a windy and foggy day, and so on. The filmmaker will combine poetic scenes of wonder with diary-like sketches, and dialogues with family members and colleagues in the field.